Welcome to Yongsheng Sports Club!

We offer training for health improvement and martial arts for everyone, regardless of age, level of preparation, or goals. We welcome both beginners and advanced athletes, youth and adults, those who want to maintain their health, and those who dream of competitions.

Our training is led by Master Yongsheng Sheng, an experienced professional from China. You can learn more about the Master on our Master Yongsheng Sheng page.

Learning Taiji 24 forms for beginners starts with an important stage that cannot be missed. Usually, we form new groups twice a year (in February and October). To register for the next course, send us a message through the contact form.

Typically, our students acquire the sequence of movements during 3-4 months of intensive training. However, to truly master Taiji 24 forms, it's necessary to dedicate more time to it. In "0. class," we recommend studying for at least a year. Even if you complete the course, it's essential to remember that many nuances and details become clear and conscious only after extended practice. Many of our students find value in repeating the course, as it deepens understanding and improves skills.

At Wushu Kung-fu and Qigong classes beginners and advanced participants can participate together, so you can join these classes at any time!

We will be happy to see you at our training sessions! Join us to achieve your physical and mental goals!

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