Registration is open for new groups at Forus Spordikeskuses Tondi (Sõjakooli 10, Tallinn), where there is also a shower and sauna available.

Taiji for beginners (0 klass) - The Master teaches the basics of Taiji and the "24" complex in the Yang style..

⏰ Training times are Tues, Thurs at 18:30-19:30..
The course lasts 3-4 months, you must attend the trainings regularly so that you do not miss important basic knowledge.
💸 The price is 45 eur/month, but it is necessary to make an advance payment for 3 months.

Qigong - we practice Shaolin Qigong complex Baduanjin

⏰ Training times are Saturdays 10:00 to 11:00
The price is 30 eur/month

When registering for Taiji for beginners + Qigong, the price is 55 eur/month

Registration is open via the contact form on the website or via e-mail.
phone: +372 51979008